Teaching in population pharmacometrics
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Professor Mats O. Karlsson
Mats O. Karlsson is a Professor of Pharmacometrics at Uppsala University, Sweden.  He received his PhD in pharmacokinetics in 1989 and in 1994 he formed the Uppsala Pharmacometrics Research Group at Uppsala University. His research interests focus on methodological aspects of non-linear mixed effects model building and applications of PKPD modeling to problems in drug development and routine drug therapy. He has published over 350 original research articles in this area. He has received awards, honors and prizes from AAPS, ACCP, ACoP, ASCPT, BCPT, EUFEPS, ISoP, LACDR, PKUK, WCoP and the Royal Society of Sciences.

Lena Friberg

Professor Lena Friberg
Lena Friberg is a Professor of Pharmacometrics at Uppsala University, Sweden. Lena obtained her PhD from Uppsala University in 2003. After a postdoc at University of Queensland, Australia, she returned to Uppsala University in 2005. Her research is focused on development of PK and (mechanistic) PKPD-models for effects and adverse events of drugs with a focus on oncology and bacterial infections. She is deputy Editor-in-Chief of CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology and in 2008 she received the Giorgio Segré prize for distinction in the field of PKPD. She has published over 90 articles in the area.


Professor Andrew C. Hooker
Andrew Hooker is a Professor of Pharmacometrics at Uppsala University, Sweden. Andrew received a BS in Physics with a Mathematics Minor at the University of Colorado, USA and received a Masters and then a PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Washington, USA in 2003. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Uppsala University before joining the faculty in 2006.  His research ranges between methodological and applied pharmacometrics, including: optimal experimental design, methodological problems associated with building and evaluating pharmacometric models and the development and use of PKPD models in a range of therapeutic areas and drug classes including cancer, addiction, PET and biologics. In addition, Andrew is involved in the development of a number of software programs including PopED, Xpose 4 and PsN. He has over 65 original research articles published in the field.

Ulrika Simonsson

Professor Ulrika Simonsson
Ulrika Simonsson is a Professor of Pharmacokinetics at Uppsala University, Sweden. Ulrika received her PhD from Uppsala University in 2000 and spent one year as a post-doc fellow at Pharsight, Mountain View, CA. She has a 2 years experience of working at AstraZeneca where she received an innovation award for implementation of model-based drug development as well as a reward as a talented young scientist. Her research involves development of PKPD models for several therapeutic areas such as anticoagulation, tuberculosis, HIV, malaria and pain.

Sebastian Ueckert

Dr. Sebastian Ueckert
Sebastian Ueckert is a researcher in the pharmacometrics research group at Uppsala University, Sweden. After his Ph.D. at Uppsala University in 2014 under the supervision of Andrew Hooker and Mats Karlsson, he spent 18 months as a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of France Mentré, before returning to Uppsala. Sebastian's research covers various methodological aspects of developing and using nonlinear mixed effect models in a drug development setting. His particular focus lies in the modeling of composite endpoints throughout all therapeutic areas and leveraging those models for design and decision making.