Teaching in population pharmacometrics
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All courses offered by the uppsala pharmacometrics group are intensive, all-day courses that include both lectures and hands-on exercises.
Advanced methods for population model building and evaluation in NONMEM
(A NONMEM Workshop for intermediate and advanced users)

The course presents the latest methods for model evaluation, strategies for model improvement as well as strategies to consider when utilizing models for informed drug development. The course will provide tools for fast, efficient and comprehensive model building, evaluation and usage.

The course will consist of lectures that describe and evaluate the various strategies used to develop robust and useful population models as well as hands-on computer exercises where students will actually use those strategies in the classroom. The hands-on material will be based on the most recent developments from NONMEM 7.4, Perl-speaks-NONMEM (PsN) and Xpose.

Length of course: 2.5 days.
Mats Karlsson and Andrew Hooker.
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Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modeling of Continuous and Categorical data in NONMEM
(A NONMEM Workshop for intermediate and advanced users)

Tailored for Intermediate and Advanced NONMEM users. The course presents modeling strategies, techniques and implementations for the handling of PK and PD information in population models. PD models for continuous data as well as binary, ordered categorical, count, and (repeated) time to event data will be discussed. The course will also cover the latest methods for evaluation of continuous and categorical PK/PD models.

The course will consist of both lectures and hands-on computer exercises using NONMEM 7, PsN and Xpose 4. Self-instructive material is provided for further studies and exploration of examples within the field. The participants will be provided with a NONMEM library of example code for a wide range of PKPD models applied in different disease areas.

Length of course: 2.5 days .
Mats Karlsson, Lena Friberg, Andrew Hooker, Ulrika Simonsson

Covariate Model Building and Evaluation in NONMEM
(A NONMEM Workshop for intermediate and advanced users)

The course will provide participants with knowledge to efficiently tailor methods to build and evaluate covariate models to different situations. The participants will learn about pros and cons about commonly used methods, but also learn about new methods that can substantially improve the efficiency of covariate modeling and increase the ability to diagnose the quality of the resulting model. The course will be taught using NONMEM and our freeware PsN (psn.sf.net) and Xpose (xpose.sf.net) that allow the use of many different automated model building and evaluation methods.

Length of course: 2-3 days.
Mats Karlsson
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Optimal experimental design

This course gives an introduction to the topic of optimal experimental design. Specifically emphasized will be optimal design of non-linear mixed effects (population) models, which can be especially useful in pre-clinical and clinical drug trials. Both the theoretical and practical aspects of optimal design will be presented, including an introduction to the software PopED developed by the course organizers. The course includes both lectures and hands-on computer exercises done in small groups.

Length of course: 2-5 days .
Andrew Hooker

Stochastic simulation and estimation

Length of course: 1-2 days .
Instructor: Mats Karlsson